What I Have Learned after 40-something posts?

I have been writing this blog for about 2 years now, since a pique of ennui during New Years in a very unfamiliar place got me looking for something different to do, a focus for some intellectual restlessness. I have started to notice a few trends in how these stories go, and I figured it might be fun to share what I have noticed.
The world seems to have a rhythm, a dramatic flow... God, Buddha, Dog, or whomever you think is in charge seems to have a sense of timing more based in the dramatic arts than in the rationale of science, although if you look for such a notion with science, they hide it well. All this to say that there are certain patterns that seem to repeat in these stories, patterns in the flow of going from a fantasy of pristineness, through exploration, devastation or degradation for some simple logic (commerce, war, greed, fear) , and then a restoration that grows from some voice in the wilderness, a few simple acts, and then the steam roller of change gains momentum. The timing between these landmarks is where the human and dramatic side of all this fits in.
There are a few myths as well:
One is that Government is against the Environment.
Government plays a few roles, and government is complicated, it is rarely ever of one voice.. you have three branches in most countries, and even most state and local governments these days, off the English post Magna Carta model, Executive, Judicial, and Legislative, and from the executive usually flows enforcement through some administrations..
They tend to be of a few minds: For being green, for business, indifferent, too distracted busy, or broke with other issues to do anything until a crisis or public interest make it important. The latter is where most government employees are, even though they are painted as being pro business so often, as the narrative of good vs bad paints it.. moving past the good vs bad, or prying the bad into the good are the two most common ways that positive action begins, but the idea that they are against you needs to be proven and not assumed. Most often elected officails haven't even had a chance to think about what you are proposing becasue they are too busy or distracted to deal with anything that isn't made important to them. The most successful ones know that if they are ahead of the people, they are seen as elitist, and if they are behind the people, they are seen as backwards.. the smartest ones act when 50% plus one person askes for it, and if you create that situation, they will almost always act if they can.

Here is the usual Narrative:
Voice in the Wilderness
Attitude Shift
Success and "what were we thinking" mood.

Here are the generators of positive environmental stories:
Technology Change
Accidental or purposefully intact wilderness system yielding benefits like biodiversity, sustainability for it's residents, and carbon capture. keeping these systems running on their own is a major theme too, which usually means finding man's impacts and fixing them, EG restoring a poached out predator or removing an invasive species. In other words, stories that don't start with a mistake, stories about Wisdom or Serendipity.

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