February 14, 2013

Hope Unda' Da East Riva!? Yu serious!? Serious as a tidal rip...

When you think of NYC you actually do think of environmentalism, but it's usually along the lines of efficiency and quality of life. With it's progressive mayor for life, Michael Bloomberg (now replaced, but the impact of his 12 years of policies likely won't be undone by new Mayor DeBlasio), party notwithstanding, making dictates that are in the public interest, no matter how annoying they might have become, and it's quite settled limo liberal upper class, and just it's car free big building lifestyle, New Yorkers actually have perhaps the lowest carbon footprints in the United States, about 9 tons a piece I once read, compared to 20 for the rest of the country on average. The way New Yorkers inevitably share walls with each other during hot days and cold winter nights serves in part to make them more efficient, it's like a big Adobe Pueblo with a great public transportation system, and shows, did I mention the shows!
(if the above link were perfect, i would have thrown in a subway car with photoshop, but I have forgotten how!)
But when you think of the big projects, the big ambitious stuff, you inevitably think of the vast American West, of the West Coast, places where Pick Up Truck Engineers mix with Cash Drunk Entrepreneurs and dream up harebrained schemes that somehow eventually work... these are open land projects, heartland ambitions.. people who will deny global warming until some tornado or freak weather event finally convinces them otherwise, so they throw on their Carhardts and come up with a solution on AutoCad while the kid is asleep and the horses have been fed... but never count out the romanticism of America's most ambitious city (sorry Chicago, you do go big, but you rarely go refined!) because sure enough, despite New York's, and especially Manhattan's distinctly white collar reputation, da workin' stiffs who risk a bit of slight at a cocktail party for admitting they do something tangible, create a concrete and not just intellectual product, have been up to something on the bottom of the East River.. the East Frikin' River.. can you believe dat! Get da F%$ outtta here! Right next da FDR.. drive by dere every day! up from da UN, like 50 sometin'! Across from dat frinkin' Roosevelt Island.. who da hell lives dere? And dat's like the most polluted river in the world eva! (Translation: I am having a hard time believing you. it's in the East River alongside the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Drive. I know the Location well. It's north of the United Nations. Approximately in the area of the streets numbered 50 to 59. The location is alongside Roosevelt Island, whose residents I have never met and have always been a mystery to me. It's Ironic because the river is alleged by New York conventional wisdom to be highly polluted.)

February 4, 2013

Remember The Ol' Hole in the Ozone Layer? How's He Doin'!?

Steady and Improving..Doctor...
Remember the Ozone Hole.. remember how scary it was.. like that guy in high school who seemed so intimidating.. what's he up to now, now that you have gotten your life together and faced some significantly bigger challenges, kind of can't wait to see him at Reunion to stare him down, ha.. Ozone Hole.. what a prick he was!