Why I Wrote This Blog

Environmentalists are so used to lamenting the sad state of the planet
that they rarely take time to learn from success
Serge Dedina

Saving the Grey Whale

People Politics, and Conservation in Baja California

The news about Global Warming is depressing, worse than people realize, and sadly inevitable, despite the band playing on. 
I have a friend who is a Government glaciologist, and he once after a beer or two, decided to tell me how much time was left for a few major ice caps we knew locally over Thai food in a particularly cold place.. it got me down..way down...The sad truth was almost enough to make me a global warming denier as if it was the first stage of dealing with loss.
 Add to this the 150 years of environmental degradation from industrialization and population growth we are healing from, degradation I grew up around and witnessed all over the world, and the world started to feel like a post party house cleanup, so I needed uppers.
 One time after that dinner, while traveling in a particularly beautiful but environmentally precarious place, I noticed I had a habit of searching online for good news about the environment to cure my blues as I unwound in the evening. I found a few good projects and environmental initiatives around the world to give me hope, which I sometimes checked like expats check the sports scores back home.. for instance, how many Wright Whales are there off of the East Coast this year, or  how much carbon will a Tesla save from going into the atmosphere. I decided to share these stories that I was amassing in my head as this blog. 
Like the cheesy line that Robert Plant somehow could pull off in introducing Stairway to Heaven on The Song Remains the Same: This is a song of Hope...

Rock On, Hope! Wheeeew!

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