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Writing anonymously gives a person a certain amount of freedom, and I do relish that. it allows me to be stupid, blue, and opinionated.. I am not shirking the responsibilities that come with being known, well, maybe I am, since I just consider this a fun pursuit, and don't want to muddy it with too much obligation and responsibility.. it's the journalistic equivalent of a one nighter. The situations we face as now a global society make me want to lighten environmental writing up, not make it heavier, and being a sour personalitied puppet gives me a bit of latitude to work my mojo...
That said, I grew up in a Major US city, but left it as a teenager and have now lived in many states, traveled to all 50, and more than that in foreign countries and territories. I've spent long stretches of time abroad, both in individual places and traveling up rivers and along coast lines, and where my fancy takes me. I have a background in Political Science, with some career time spent in Politics and Government before I wizened up, and a lot of experience in the outdoors. Many of my friends studied Environmental Science and Ecology and their love and desire to share it with me mixed with the few ecology classes I took myself and my fairly extensive wilderness travel experience gave me the basis for the writing I now apply to this Blog.
The last little bit, the entertainment portion, comes from a belated realization that I can't live my whole life without consuming media, which I tried to do for a bit, ascetic that I was. A few friends who ended up in show-business, and a few who just appreciated it, spurred me on to watch film and become serious about music at a later point in life than people usually do, so I try to have fun with media based on what is a kind of adult return to the best of what I felt I missed as a youngster... and now try to use it to tell these stories...

I hope you enjoy what you read!
(yeah that's my real name... why would you question that? want to see my drivers licence? Aw screw that. I don't want you sending me letters... just check out this picture of me with Nicole Kidman.. who needs your grief when I got big time friends.. I'm the Henny Youngman of environmental blogging... I'm a big damn deal! Don't you forget it!)

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